Kat and Brad Murph opened the doors of Vertallee in Austin in 2007.  

Kat provides creative direction and printmaking expertise. From Pantone to Pinterest boards, she can take the first spark of an idea and fully realize it in print. Kat spent nearly a decade in stationery and print design for both retail and event production prior to launching Vertallee. Projects included notables such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Fox's Good Day Chicago.  Her fine art background brings a creative lens to everything Vertallee produces, from single prints to die cuts and stitch binding. And her depth of experience provides expertise for days that shift from advising on font widths to navigating gritty details of invitation etiquette. Kat has an MFA in Print Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Brad directs production and studio operation. After years at one of the largest commercial letterpress shops in the country as well as smaller local print shops, Brad developed an extensive skill set around the complicated and antique equipment. Invaluable, as letterpress machines don’t come with tech support. Brad can creatively troubleshoot anything on press, and clients seek the craftsmanship he delivers on every job.

About the name

Verta and Lee are the family names of our grandmothers. Mildred Verta was a maker, a seamstress, and her handwork is present in the clothes she made that we hold today.  A printed card is tangible, and can be passed along and held, decades after being created.

{And, Vertallee, literally translated, is a hybrid of vert: French for green, and allée: a feature of a French formal garden.  So, vive la France!}